1. How can I shop at online sales system?

After selecting the products you want to buy on our site by paying attention to the data such as reference number, product descriptions, brand, and model information, add them to your cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button. When the product is added, you will see the message "The product has been added to your cart" in the upper right corner of our site. If you do not have a different product you want to buy, click on the cart link in the upper right corner of our site to complete your shopping.

You can become a member of our site from the screen or continue shopping by entering your information. Enter your address information on the next screen and click the "Submit" button. Then you can complete your shopping by entering your credit card information on the payment screen. When your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Otherwise, confirm your order by calling the Call Center.

2. I forgot my password to log in to What should I do?

You can have your password sent to your e-mail by clicking on the Forgot Password link in the Member Login step.

3. I forgot the e-mail address that I registered on online sales site. What should I do?

You need to create a new membership account.

4. How can I update my membership information?

You can update your information from the My Membership Information section of the My Account menu.

5. Is the online sales system safe?

Our website has an SSL security certificate. This payment system is currently the most secure.

6. Will I pay the Shipping Fee for my orders?

Up to a certain purchasing limit, the shipping cost belongs to you. When the limit is exceeded, it is covered by the seller.

7. Will I pay VAT on the product I bought on the online sales site?

The prices of our products do not include VAT. When the products arrive at the customs, VAT and taxes that may occur according to the VAT conditions of the country are paid by the Buyer. While some countries do not apply VAT, in others it is applied at different rates. Please do not forget to consider the rate and occurrence limits of your country regarding VAT and taxes.

8. How can I track orders on online sales site?

After logging in as a member, you can follow my orders from the My Account menu.

9. The product I bought with online sales system is damaged. What should I do?

You must keep a record with the cargo company.

10. Delivery and billing addresses

As required in Turkish Republic laws, your order is delivered to the address you entered by the cargo company with the waybill and the waybill invoice. Since the billing address information cannot be changed after the invoicing process, make sure that it is correct before confirming the order.

11. When will my product arrive after I place my order?

Depending on the product you ordered, the time, and the city you are in, your delivery time varies between 1-2 working days. For international shipments, shipping times may vary.



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