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Our customers who use our website and shop are deemed to have accepted the following conditions. By using the services on the website, users are deemed to have accepted that they have the right, authority, and legal capacity to sign a contract according to the laws to which they are bound and that they are over the age of 18, that they have read, understood and are subject to the terms written in the contract.

This contract imposes rights and obligations on the parties regarding the website that is the subject of the contract. When the parties accept this contract, they declare that they will fulfill the rights and obligations mentioned above completely, accurately, and on time.

The company accepts and undertakes that the member will benefit from the services subject to the contract, except for systemic failures.

The user agrees that he/she will not produce or share any content contrary to general morality, unlawful, infringing the rights of persons, contrary to copyright, misleading, obscene, injuring personal rights, on the site and in their communications. Otherwise, he/she is fully responsible for the damage caused.

All proprietary or unregistered intellectual property rights such as business name, trademark, patent, logo, photograph, picture, design, information, and method on the site belong to the company or the person concerned, and they are under the protection of national and international law. The information on the site cannot be reproduced, published, copied, presented, and/or transferred in any way. The whole or part of the website cannot be used on another website without permission.

If the obligations arising from the contract become unfulfilled by the parties due to reasons beyond the control of the parties, such as natural disasters, fire, explosions, civil wars, wars, uprisings, public movements, declaration of mobilization, strikes, lockouts, and epidemics, infrastructure and internet failures, power cuts, the parties is not responsible for this. During this period, the rights and obligations of the Parties arising from this Agreement are suspended.

The company can change the services offered on the site and the terms of this contract, partially or completely, at any time. Changes will be effective from the date of publication on the site.

All notifications to users will be made via the Company's known e-mail address and the e-mail address specified by the user in the membership form. The user accepts that the address he/she has specified while becoming a member is a valid notification address, that he/she will notify the other party in writing within 5 days in case of change, otherwise the notifications to this address will be deemed valid.

In all kinds of disputes that may arise between the parties for the transactions related to this contract, the books, records and documents of the Parties, computer records, and fax records will be accepted as evidence under the Law of Civil Procedure No. 6100, and the user agrees that he will not object to these records.

Istanbul (Central) Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes arising from the implementation or interpretation of this Agreement.


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